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Dash Quietus

2011-08-20 19:54:33 by Outrage92

Check out my latest contribution to the Audio Portal and enjoy this picture of my Dad, Jesus, with Gene Simmons while you listen [: /440876

Dash Quietus

Case Apparition DnB Song

2010-06-02 23:31:49 by Outrage92

Got a new song up in the DnB section of the lovely Audio Portal. Give it an ear-glance :D /337708

Gracious for your hearing :D

Feels good to get something done again that I'm actually pretty proud of, I haven't been doing much lately because of school, but now summer is 2 days away, I'll get to be a nerd again, while still having time for the outdoors and maintaining a sexy tan ;D

Shexy tan verdy nice, verdy important in social-health, remember that you 12 year olds on here with little-to-no socially-pulsating futures.

Gotta love that Global Warming.

Case Apparition DnB Song

Two Epic Metroid Fan Songs!

2010-03-15 22:43:16 by Outrage92

I finally got my internet back on, and I uploaded a couple of my older songs I've been meaning to put up. I'll probably be uploading more soon. Hope you enjoy these two :D

Arm of Samus /318609

Piece of Metroid /318611

In other news, I'll try to get to making some games and actually finishing them. I have a knack for not finishing games, and I think I'm a new man. I guess we'll find out soon? School's lame as usual. Snow is finally melting. Life is approaching.

I'm growing my hair out :P

Two Epic Metroid Fan Songs!


2009-07-16 03:05:34 by Outrage92

Got my new game finished, took a while. I took a loooong break, and I wasn't intending on finishing it. Read the commentary for more info.

Hope you enjoy that.

Also, I'm in the works of a new game, that I will hopefully finish called SHELTER. The story is in the works, but it's based in two futures, one closer to the present than the other. Here's the basic story so far:

A company named FRM (Future Resource Management) is basically in control of the new world in which they fuel with their new energy source with the control of specific atomic particles. The world basically seems to be at peace, though it is not entirely as free as it once was. FRM is building a secret humanoid capable of harnessing the particles to move through time. Certain levels of the particle need to be in the area in order for the time-travel to work. Dangerous levels.

If I say anything else, I'll have revealed too much. And I would have to kill you.

Thanks for reading. :D

Alone - Short Movie

2009-06-10 20:42:58 by Outrage92

Check out my new short movie "Alone"

/* */ H7o0

It was a spur of the moment-type movie filmed and edited in one night.

Diadem Teaser

2009-02-07 18:29:34 by Outrage92

Check out my short teaser to my upcoming youtube series "Diadem"

/* */ q2gg

Please vote 5 and leave me a comment! Check out my other videos as well and make sure to watch them on high quality!

If you like my stuff, please subscribe!


2009-01-23 19:33:24 by Outrage92

Check out my new video! Please subscribe to me on youtube and tell some people. Leave me a video comment and rating as well please!!!

/* */ gXhU

Though, I'm a Flasher, I'm also into making movies. Age 16 right now, I'll be a movie director someday ;]

Oh, haha btw, I'm the kid who's actually dancing. The kid in the beginning is my friend Hunter Dean.

Lampshade And Rectum

2008-12-09 20:56:43 by Outrage92

Coming soon.

Lampshade And Rectum

I'm bored, deep breath.

2008-11-29 02:31:36 by Outrage92


I'm bored, deep breath.

Long Time

2008-11-28 02:10:40 by Outrage92

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything on here. I've been on Newgrounds everyday pretty much, mainly just to check my audio submissions, give myself a 5 rating on some of my songs, you know, all that good stuff. Anyways, I just read ALL of my old posts and I can't believe how many projects I have not completed. It's seriously really sad. When was the last project I made BY MYSELF that amounted to anything and was actually finished? Has that EVER happened?

It's really quite funny. Sad, but funny.

Well, speaking of which, I've been working on a few new projects. Just some random stuff, none too great. Probably won't finish any of them, but hey, who knows? Might be interesting.

Uh, one of my old posts was from about like exactly a year ago, telling how I'll be 15 in a month, wow. Well also, speaking of which, I'll be 16 next month, XD. December 23rd, you better PM me on that day AT MIDNIGHT or something, idc. That would be nice. And to think, a year ago I was on house arrest. Good times. Good times. I've been going to school pretty much, but my tardiness isn't going to help me too much. I suck at life, seriously.

It's so funny that I can write all this on here, and probably NO ONE will read it, and yet I still yack about my life.

I've got a girlfriend, she's amazing. I love her like you wouldn't imagine. :] So that's going good for me. She came over today for Thanks Giving..Oh, on that note:


It's kinda late, and it's pretty much over, but still, hope you all had a good day, all that shit. I know I did, that's for sure. Food was good, family was fun, few secrets were revealed, mainly to my mum, but hey, it was still fun.

For the few munchkins out there who actually read this, please leave me a comment. Tell me how your Turkey Day was. Let me know how your life is going. Leave me a really long, informative comment, because I really want to know how things are going for you, seriously. Plus I'm bored and I want to just read some stuff, so just comment this please.

I got bored and drew you a picture :]

Long Time